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Mossy Oak Golf Club is Nature's Golf

October 8th, 2015

Mossy Oak Golf Club is Nature’s Golf

In bringing together the unique partnership of Gil Hanse Design Group and Mossy Oak, the George and Marcia Bryan family seeks to create a truly memorable experience that places golfers closer to an appreciation and harmony with nature. It is called Nature’s Golf.

Nature’s Golf is created through the work of Gil Hanse, one of the world’s leading minimalist golf course architects, and Mossy Oak, a pioneer in preserving natural habitats across the U.S. The goal of Nature’s Golf is to deliver a full-sensory experience that immerses players into the outdoors, while adhering to a mindful and sustainable approach to golf course development and management.

Gil Hanse is known for his minimalist approach to golf course design. He goes to great lengths to ensure that the local habitat is maintained and celebrated through a superior golf experience.

For the last three decades, Mossy Oak has been pioneering new techniques to help land owners manage the process of growing and maintaining natural habitats. The integrated team of Hanse and Mossy Oak has worked to shape a world-class public golf course that follows the natural contours of the landscape and preserves the local habitat in West Point, Mississippi. Each design element of Mossy Oak Golf Club was carefully considered to heighten the golfer’s awareness of the outdoors and accentuate the area’s natural resources. The goal is to provide a natural purity in how the golfer travels around the course and interacts with nature from start to finish.

Nature’s Golf is felt from the moment a golfer enters the clubhouse and steps onto the course,” explains George Bryan, co-founder of Mossy Oak Golf Club. “The immediate sense of natural materials and expansive landscapes is supported by an attention to educating guests on the local habitat of the Mississippi Black Prairie.”

“Once off the first tee, nature is a highlight of the playing experience, with native grasses, wildlife and creeks interacting with fairways and bunker complexes to blend a sense of place on every hole,” Bryan continues.

Mossy Oak has grown from a leader in outdoor camouflage print into a family of recognized brands that enable people to live their best lives outdoors. The company’s Mossy Oak Properties is a leader in helping land owners secure and grow prime hunting land. Through Gamekeepers, the company’s latest addition, Mossy Oak delivers thought leadership in preserving natural habitats and growing the proper vegetation to nurture the survival of local game wildlife. Its Nativ Nurseries incorporates superior root-system growth strategies to produce hearty vegetation that enable reforestation and habitat preservation. Nature’s Golf is a natural extension of the Mossy Oak brand, building on the company’s passion for outdoor living, which creates a superior golf experience while being mindful of the natural habitat in which it’s developed.

Many great courses are equally recognized for their natural beauty and minimalistic design, but few have delivered a 360-degree natural experience from course design and development, native landscaping, management techniques, irrigation strategies and the player experience. Not only will Mossy Oak be the namesake for this new course, but its team of experts are partnering with Hanse to physically prepare the land for course development and guide the selection of native grasses, wildflowers, plants and trees to be used in the project.

“Mossy Oak is an iconic thought-leader in the outdoor industry, and I’ve admired its approach to conservation and land management,” said Hanse. “We are excited to learn from each other and share ideas in the way we approach golf course design and build the overall golf experience at Mossy Oak Golf Club. We believe that the outdoor enthusiast and avid golf traveler share a common love for nature, and we seek to create the ultimate outdoor golf experience with the development of Nature’s Golf.”